segunda-feira, outubro 25, 2004

Can't We Try

I see your face cloud over like a little girl's,
and your eyes have lost thier shine.
You whisper something softly I'm not meant to hear,
baby, tell me what's on your mind.
I don't care what people say
about the two of us from different worlds.
I love you so much that it hurts inside,
Are you listening?
Please listen to me, girl.

Can't we try just a little bit harder?
Can't we give just a little bit more?
Can't we try to understand
that it's love we're fighting for?
Can't we try just a little more passion?
Can't we try just a little less pride?
I love you so much baby,
that it tears me up inside.

I hear you on the telephone with god-knows-who,
spilling out your heart for free.
Everyone needs someone they can talk to,
girl, that someone should be me.

So many times, I tried to tell you,
you just turned away.
How did I know?
My life is changing so fast now,
leaves me lonely and afraid.
Don't be afraid, no.

Don't let our love fade away.
No matter what people say.
No matter, no matter what they say.
I need you more and more each day.
Don't let our love fade away.

Dan Hill & Vonda Sheppard

Glowing hair sans face by Stephen Kranz

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