segunda-feira, março 28, 2005

The Blower's Daughter (Part 2)

This has got to die,
This has got to stop,
This has got to lie down,
Someone else on top.

You can keep me pinned,
It's easier to tease,
But you can't paint an elephant,
Quite as good as she.

And she may cry like a baby,
And she may drive me crazy
Cause I am lately lonely.

So, why'd you have to lie,
I take it I'm your crutch,
The pillow in your pillowcase,
Is easier to touch.

And when you think you've sinned,
You fall upon your knees,
Just see within your picture,
Just still forget the breeze.

And she may rise,
If I sing you down,
And she may wisely,
Cling to the ground.
Cause I am lately horny.

So why would she take me only?

Damien Rice

Gold by Jean-Paul Nacivet

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